Discover how much you can save importing your next car from the UK. We source new and near new cars at the best discounts and import them to New Zealand professionally. Importing a UK car couldn’t be easier. Get in touch and find out how much you can save.

Your complete car import service

Expert car buying service

We source new and near new UK and European cars at exceptional discounts and save you 20% off the price by finding Tax free cars to export.

Our experienced team have been exporting exceptional quality cars to New Zealand for 10 years. We will help you find the best savings and the best cars available for your budget.

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Outstanding car import service

Our Outstanding Import Service provides everything you need to import your car to New Zealand with the greatest care.

We give you One Clear Price so you can see all costs required to deliver your car to the compliance doorstep.

We pay your UK VAT so you don’t have to and our local NZ agent manages the import of your car so you have the keys steps taken care of. They will also go the extra mile and have you car complied and registered so you can simply collect it when it is ready.

Safe easy payments

Payments can be made in NZD and GBP. Card payments can be made for your deposit and we provide a NZ based forex transaction service for ease.

A secure escrow service for the safe handling of funds is also available should the need arise.

Safe Payments
nz car import agent

NZ import agent

McCullough Shipping, New Zealand’s leading car shipping agent manage our car imports for you. They assist with GST, customs and import inspections and deliver your car to compliance all as part of the import service. You can also request extra services to make your car import as easy as possible, popular options are:

  • Management of your NZTA compliance inspection.
  • NZTA registration.
  • Conversion of your car's navigation system.
  • Delivery to your door and on-road insurance.

Personal export scheme

Enjoy a vacation in the UK and Europe in your car and still benefit from the tax free savings.

We will manage your PES application so you can buy your car tax free, enjoy your road trip and when you are ready to go home, we will export it to you in NZ. (more details below)

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Find out how much you could save

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One clear import price

We wrap up your car’s import costs in one clear import price. This includes everything you need to have your car safely delivered to the compliance doorstep. The breakdown of what’s included is below.

Car Import Service Details from the UK to NZ

What other import costs should I anticipate?

To drive your car on the open road, you will need to cover the following:

Good and Service Tax (GST) payment 15%

NZTA Vehicle Compliance

NZTA Vehicle registration costs

NZ road insurance

Car import timings to New Zealand

Importing your car to New Zealand usually takes 70 days. All MHH International cars are exported in containers for extra care. The shipping journey takes 45 days on the water and you can now track your car’s journey to New Zealand. On arrival your car will be processed through customs and delivered to compliance. Once complied and registered you will be free to enjoy your first drive on the open road. Find out more about the import process and timings

Car import timings to New Zealand from the UK

Find out how much you can save

The personal export scheme

When you buy a vat qualifying car from the UK to export, your car must be permanently exported within 12 weeks. The Personal Export Scheme allows you to drive your car in the UK and Europe for up to 12 months and still be able to buy it tax free.

How do I Qualify?

Overseas visitors who have not been in the EU for more than 365 in the past 2 years, OR 1,095 days in the past 6 years. When your road trip is over you must not return to the EU for at least 6 months.

Which Vehicles Qualify?

The good news it, it’s not just cars that qualify, it also applies to motorbikes and motor homes.

To find out more about how this could work for you read our blog post about the
Personal Export Scheme
or email or call us +44 (0)1483 275 756 and we’ll be delighted to help.

DHL of your key documents

We keep you updated throughout its journey and all your documents are DHL’d to you to ensure safe transfer ahead of your car’s arrival.

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